Holiday tales and ice-creams

Friday 11 June 2021

It was great to see so many happy faces return to Nursery and we loved hearing all about your family outings during our group time conversations. Lots of children enjoyed trips to the seaside and role play in our mud kitchen area soon turned into children selling ice-creams!


We developed this throughout the week, adding a few ice-cream themed enhancements to the mud kitchen. Children had been enjoying colour mixing before the holidays, so we followed this interest to make some ice-cream signs for our shop. We talked about the different flavours that children liked and tried to mix some colours to match them.

Children have enjoyed playing ring games and using our new castle small world area. As the weather was so hot at the start of the week, we moved lots of our provision into the shade and we even enjoyed having a ‘picnic’ snack time outside.

We’re going to continue with our learning about the coast next week. We’ll be exploring the texture, size and shape of shells, using sandy playdough and creating our own foam ice-creams with sprinkles in the sensory area.

If you’ve been to the seaside recently and have a photograph that you’d like to send us, please email it to and we’ll display them in our seaside small world area for children to talk about their trip with their friends.