Interpreting characters

Wednesday 28 September 2022

We have been reading some extracts from ‘Fireborn’, a children’s novel written by Aisling Fowler. This book is set in a snowy forest in a prehistoric world and we meet the character, Twelve. The children read the extracts and highlighted key points that they thought identified what the characters were like. What are their personalities like? How do we know? The children then focused on a character called Weaponmaster Victory – a fierce, strict character that we decided we wouldn’t really like to meet!

They commented in their books, their thoughts.

” I think she is scary because she is strict with her class and they are afraid that she will punish them.’

“I think she is scary and I wouldn’t like her teaching me!”

We are getting the exciting opportunity to meet Aisling Fowler later this term as part of an author interview on Zoom. We are really looking forward to this.