It’s been freezing indoors and outdoors this week!

Friday 01 December 2023

This week in Science, 2C had a fantastic time learning about freezing and melting. We are Chemists this half term and this week, we learnt about water.

We know that water is a liquid but when it reaches freezing point (0 degrees celsius), it turns into ice. Ice is a solid.

When ice heats up, it melts and turns into a liquid, water.

One of our experiments involved placing a cube of ice in our hands and watching it change state. The ice went from a solid to a liquid after some time.

Our next experiment included trying to melt a block of ice containing a small toy. We used four different methods. We used a hairdryer, a hot water bottle, water and a towel.

We found out that the hair dryer was most effective in melting the ice and freeing the toy because it produced the most heat. The towel took the longest because it emitted the least amount of heat.

Help at home: by freezing and melting ice and discussing how the heat and cold help change the properties of water.