It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Friday 22 December 2023

This week, we’ve been learning about the story of the first Christmas- The Nativity. We know that this story is why Christians celebrate Christmas.

We re-told the story with actions. This helped us to remember key people and events.

Christmas around the world

We’ve been exploring the different ways that people celebrate Christmas around the world. We looked at the difference between Santa in the UK and Santa in Australia.

Did you know that when Santa gets to Australia, the reindeer are given a rest whilst the six white boomers (kangaroos) take over pulling Santa’s sleigh?!

We made Chinese paper lanterns for decorations.







We read about the good witch, La Befana, who brings presents to children in Italy.

Ask your child if they remember the story of La Befana and who she helped that were on their way to see the baby Jesus.

We made observational drawings of Poinsettia- a popular Christmas plant here, in Mexico and in India.

We went hunting for the lucky almond (in picture form). In Denmark, it’s a Christmas tradition to hide an almond in rice pudding. The finder has good luck for the year!

On Friday, we drew presents and sweets onto a picture of shoes. In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas leaves gifts in children’s shoes, that the children fill with straw and sugar for his horse.

Our shoes were magic and turned into real treats at party time!

Christmas performance

Wow! How amazing were our performers this week?! Well done to all of the children who have been working so hard and who were so brave up on that big stage. Thank you to the parents and carers who joined us and provided such fabulous costumes. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas production!

A very special visitor

On Wednesday, we received a very special video… Santa had been to visit our school. We were AMAZED that he had managed to hide our presents in the classroom. What a special treat!

Professor Myers and The Candy Cane Experiment

On Thursday, we were visited for the first time by Mrs Myers twin, Professor Myers! Professor Myers is a science expert and often shares amazing experiments with us in Reception. We tested the strength of a candy cane, experimenting with objects of different weights to see how much the candy cane could hold before snapping (the box of rocks was the heaviest!)

A Christmas inflatable wonderland and Christmas dinner

Thank you to Mrs Pennock, who treated us to her inflatable Christmas Wonderland on Thursday!

Afterwards, we enjoyed our yummy Christmas dinner. Thank you to all of the dinner staff (and Miss Hague and Mr Catherall) for cooking and serving our special lunch.

We had so much fun at our Christmas party…

Take a look at our classroom activities this week

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A Christmas message from Reception 

Merry Christmas