Kind comment

Friday 16 February 2018

Supportive… purposeful… encouraging… welcoming… positive… polite… friendly… helpful… inclusive… tolerant… supportive – Wow! What a list of positives!

Like lots of schools, Scholes (Elmet) Primary benefits from the advice and support of SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists. Recently, we received some positive feedback from one of these specialists who has been to our school several times over the last year and has always commented what a great school it is. Along with the required reports, he added a kind comment:

Also, just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be in your school for the day just before half term. I visit dozens of schools across Leeds and have seen some excellent practice but rarely have I been in a school where there is such a mutually supportive, purposeful, encouraging and caring ethos as I see at Scholes. Staff are extremely welcoming, positive and open to ideas. Every child I have encountered on my visits to the different classes was polite, friendly and helpful. Their inclusive, tolerant and supportive attitudes have had a highly positive effect on the children who I visit in your school.