Friday 28 June 2019

We’ve learnt all about the life cycle of ladybirds this week and were lucky enough to see every stage of the cycle in Nursery. We found some little eggs on the leaves outside and caught some ladybird larvae which, after eating lots of aphids, formed pupae in our butterfly house. On Friday morning, we saw our first little ladybird! We released it back into our garden where we found the eggs and larvae.

In group times, we learnt about the letter ‘l’ and we carefully drew the correct number of spots on ladybirds. Two of the most popular activities this week were in our creative area; children loved making ladybird shapes out of salt dough and painting spotty ladybird masks.  There was some great team work whilst playing a ladybird game on the interactive whiteboard too. Children worked together and took turns to count spots and order the ladybirds.

We also found a very large, hairy spider. Look at its hairy legs! We used our Exploroscope to view it closely and count how many eyes it had.