Living and Learning

Friday 07 July 2023

Our Living and Learning statement this week is ‘I know that people I see in the media don’t always reflect real life’. 

In KS1 our Learning Objective is ‘I understand ways in which we are different from each other.’ For our activity, we placed a smiley face on one side of the room and a not so smiley face on the other side of the room. We asked the children to stand in an imaginary line somewhere between the two faces depending, on how much they liked an activity such as swimming, gymnastics or karate. During the session, children moved frequently. We then discussed how everybody is different and we each have different interests. Some children like martial arts whereas some children have never tried it. Some children dislike playing football whilst others love it.

We know that:

We then talked in small groups about what we appreciate about one another.  Each child had a turn telling somebody in the class what they like about them.