Living and Learning: I can assess my own risk

Friday 14 February 2020

This week we’ve been reading #Goldilocks to help us think about internet safety.

Goldilocks makes lots of mistakes in the book.

Goldilocks shares a picture of her baby brother, which is personal. You shouldn’t share personal things on the internet. Also, she didn’t ask permission from her grown up.

She also shares a picture of her dog with his name, Rover. This is personal information too, which is called personal data. Sometime adults use pet’s names as passwords!

By spending all her time on Instagram, she risks losing all her real friends.

Breaking into the house is really not a safe risk! She wanted to push herself further to get more hits and it leads to her committing a crime!

Pictures of her breaking in will always be there. Her digital footprint means those pictures will always be able to be found. If she wants to go to university or get a job, they would still be able to see the picture.

The advice we’d give about not taking risks based on the book are: