Living and Learning: I respect others

Wednesday 05 October 2022


During our Living and Learning and Circle Time sessions this week, we have been focusing on what respect means to us, and how we can show respect to others.  Here’s what some of our pupils have said about what respect means to them:

Helping my friend if they have hurt themselves in the playground

Looking at someone when they are speaking to you

Treating others how we want to be treated

Being kind and saying please

Not leaving people out in games

Respect comes in many different shapes and forms.  To show respect, we have to understand that we are all different.  We all possess characteristics, traits and values which make us unique.  Our discussions this week have seen us explore the idea of our Protected Characteristics (Age, Disability, Race, Religion/Belief, Sex (Gender), Pregnancy and Maternity, Sexual Orientation, Gender Reassignment and Maternity and Pregnancy); how the law prevents discrimination against us for these reasons, and look at real-life case studies to understand this in more detail.

Our pupils now have a greater understanding of the wider world around them, a stronger appreciation of an individual’s unique characteristics, and can demonstrate respect in many different ways.