Living and learning: I show that I am ready to learn. I respond to feedback.

Friday 14 September 2018

As part of our weekly living and learning session, this week we focused on two of our 8Rs for learning: being ready and responding to feedback.

First of all, we talked about what being ready means and what this might look like.  We decided that being ready to learn can mean different things at different times but usually centred around following our three school rules. We decided that being ready to learn isn’t just based on having positive learning behaviour but also being responsible and resourceful learners, another two of our 8Rs for learning.

Branching out further, we discussed how to be ready in order to come to school and then recorded ways that different people such as students, sports stars and holiday makers need to be ready.

This critical thinking helped us when we came to discuss responding to feedback and we realised that we respond to different forms of feedback such as verbal and written. Shortly afterwards, we began to appreciate that responding to feedback is happening a lot of the time, not just when we carry out our step up time in our exercise books.