Living and Learning – Internet Safety

Tuesday 07 February 2023

Our theme in Living and Learning for Weeks 5 and 6 of term is being safe online.

Last week, we had a visitor from D:Side come to talk to us about making good choices online to keep ourselves safe, including why games are given certain age ratings and what things might be appropriate for us to see, as well as understanding that people might not be who they say they are online and the importance of only speaking to people we know.

This week, for Safer Internet Day (07.02), we learnt about fake news and how to spot it. We considered which sources are trustworthy and which aren’t. We also talked about what we mean by ‘personal data’, the importance of keeping it private, and how our data can be used by others.

Help at home by discussing these themes with your child and the terms ‘fake news’ and ‘personal data’. living and learning lessond side