Living and Learning: Safety Week

Thursday 17 February 2022

Last week, all pupils took part in our themed ‘staying safe’ week. From online safety workshops to visitors from Dogs Trust, years 5 and 6 had great opportunities to learn, interact with and ask for advice about many aspects of safety. Here’s a quick run through of what our safety week looked like:

Staying Safe Online Workshop

With constant developments in technology and the growth of social media platforms, this workshop was a real favourite for our pupils. We learnt all about the risks to look out for whilst using websites, social media platforms and mobile apps to ensure we are staying safe online. The workshop was fantastic and the pupils’ learning really thrived, with their opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns being met with useful and accurate responses.

Road Safety Workshop

Although our pupils felt pretty confident on how to stay safe on the roads, there were a few shocks and surprises to us all! As our Year 6 pupils are close to starting their high school journeys, it was super important to learn about the risks of walking to school/catching the bus in the morning. We all need to make sure that when we are crossing any roads, we should: ensure our mobile phones are put away; make sure we don’t have two headphones in; and make sure we are looking both ways, more than once, before making a decision to cross.

We also took part in other safety areas across the week, such as fire safety, Dogs Trust and our online safety day.

This was a fantastic and productive week for all involved – thanks to all the visitors that came in and gave us their time to help us learn.