Living and Learning: I use calming down strategies.

Tuesday 15 May 2018

With this being Mental Health Awareness Week, a key focus of this week’s living and learning in 3/4 has been on discussing different ways to combat negativity such as put downs.

Collectively, we decided that it is extremely important not to retaliate to negative comments in order to take the time to calm down and prevent a situation from escalating.  We talked about different breathing techniques, removing yourself from a negative situation quickly, seeking comfort from a friend – strategies all designed to cope with negative thoughts and look towards being positive.

As part of keeping positive, we each devised a list of things that are great about us as individuals and things that give us reason to be joyful. After all, there are so many fantastic things to keep in mind. We vowed to try and remember as many of these things as possible when we are feeling low but to keep our lists close at hand should we ever have trouble remembering.