Living and Learning – Physical health and well being in the media

Sunday 08 July 2018

We looked at a range of news headlines about children’s phyical health. Some headlines conveyed really positive messages about children’s physical activity. Others headlines were quite negative. We debated whether or not we agreed with them and backed up our opinions with reasons.


“The most negative headline is: Kids are couch potatoes.

I think this is unfair because I do 12 hours of gymnastics a week. I also think most children do at least one, if not more than one, after school sports club a week. It makes me feel annoyed that someone has written this headline.”


“The most negative headline is: Kids are couch potatoes.

It make me feel like I should be doing more exercise because I’m like a couch potato sometimes. It’s a fair headline because some people sit on the xbox all night but I do a bit of each: a bit of exercise and a bit of xbox.   

The most postive headline is: Olympics inspire a generation of children to get into sport.

The Olympics definitely inspired me. I was inspired to get faster at running  100m and to play table tennis!”