Living and Learning – using our 8Rs for learning

Friday 12 October 2018

In class this week, we dedicated some learning time to consider which of our 8Rs we use. Do we use them all? Or some more than others?

We called it …

R thinking about our thinking‘.

At various times throughout our day, we stopped to think about what ‘R’ we have used. Was it … resilience? reflection? being ready? being responsive? taking responsibility? risk-taking? remembering? or being resourceful?

Problem solving in Maths: Resilience 

Topic research using iPads: being resourceful and being responsible for what we searched for.

In some lessons, we used more than we realised.

We remember our times tables and division facts and respond to the task.

Being ready, resourceful and reflective when we write.

This metacognition, or ‘thinking about thinking’, really helps the children to understand how they think, feel, act and learn. Research shows that if we reflect on how we learn, then we become better at learning.  Image result for metacognition in the classroom