Lunches & exploring outside!

Friday 23 September 2022

This week, many children have stayed for their first lunch time and full day; we’re really proud of how well they did.  Everyone happily sat down in the Nursery dining area and tried some delicious school meals or tucked into the contents of their packed lunch box.

Is your child having a school dinner? Have a look at the current menu here so you know what options are available to choose from each day.  If you’ve opted to send your child with a packed lunch and need a few extra ideas of what to include,  please have a look at our  Healthy Packed Lunch Guidance.

As children have become more settled in Nursery, we’ve gradually been introducing them to our Nursery routines. We know that when we hear “3,2,1, Stop!” that we need to empty our hands, have a silent voice and to stop and look at the person who is speaking. Children have been learning how to use all of our labels, pictures and templates to help tidy toys away into the right places and we’re beginning to form a line when going to play outside.

Here are a few photos of our learning and playing this week. Favourite activities have included: