Making new friends

Saturday 18 January 2020

This week, we enjoyed meeting all of our new children and families in Nursery.  It was lovely to see our older children welcoming the new children and helping them to find their way around and settle in.

Whilst there were many happy faces at our waving window each morning, don’t worry if your child wasn’t one of them. It can often take a while for children to settle and it’s also quite normal for children to have a little wobble after a few visits. If this happens, remember to talk to your child about Nursery in a positive way; they’ll soon get used to their new environment and settle into routines.

The medical role play enhancement in our home corner continued to be very popular this week.  We’ve lost track of the number of broken arms, bandaged heads and fevers that we’ve treated!  Children have been engrossed in their role play; it’s provided lots of opportunities to talk to other children, cooperate and take turns during play.

Following on from an interest that we noticed from the new children’s ‘All about me’ information, we’re looking forward to reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’ next week. Please enjoy reading this story at home together so that your child is familiar with it when they come to Nursery.