Maths: Year 6 arithmetic checks

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Children in year 6 have gone home today with their first arithmetic check. These checks will happen most weeks throughout the year. Each week, in class, we focus on two or three specfic questions. This should result in their checks being two or three marks higher each week. This is a marathon rather than a sprint. Don’t expect 40/40 in the first few weeks.

This week we’re focusing on three areas for development:

Support your child at home by practising similar questions to the ones in the arithmetic booklet.

Line up the digits e.g. 3.521 + 2.1 = 5.621 rather than 3.541. Top tip: the decimal place stays in the same place (because he’s rather lazy).

Multiply by 10, 100, 1000 – Ask your  chidren to show you how to “move all the digits to the left to the left.” What does it mean by “Show the jumps?”

As with all learning, little and often is the key to success.