More pizzas!

Monday 03 June 2019

Welcome back to Nursery. We hope you all had a good, relaxing week off and enjoyed some family time. Thank you to everyone who sent us some information and photos from your adventures; children loved sharing them with their friends during group time.

The children were very excited returning to Nursery this morning and couldn’t wait to explore and play with their friends. Just before the holidays, we created a New pizza role play area. It was very popular today!

Do you remember that we had a pizza role play area at the beginning of the year? Well, a  number of children had remembered and had asked several times if we could have it back in Nursery again.  We’ve made it slightly different this time; we’ve added playdough and a selection of Italian herbs for them to sprinkle on their pizzas. Children are loving creating new pizzas and adding toppings.

It’s rewarding to see how much their play has developed since the start of the year. They’re using some great language to take orders and are role playing being in a restaurant with each other, including writing down their orders.