Number line detectives

Wednesday 10 October 2018

In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering numbers. As part of our learning journey, our Year 3 mathematicians have been using number lines with different start and end points to estimate the location of different numbers.

We each used a strip of paper to represent a number line and a paper clip that could slide along our number lines to any value that we wanted.

Very quickly, we realised that folding our strips of paper half would give us an accurate reading of the numbers half way along the number line and meant we did not just need to estimate. Soon after that, we noticed that by folding our strip of paper in half again we could work out the exact location of even more numbers.

With our known points marked out on our number lines, we were then able to estimate the positions of numbers that were trickier to find.

Our very own reasoning detectives were excellent at justifying the reasons for their choices, providing the necessary evidence to back up their decisions.

Here are some snaps of our detectives in action.