Our new big topic: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Yesterday, we kick started our new big topic: class novel (Kensuke’s Kingdom).

We started off by studying the front cover and the blurb. We made predictions about what might happen:

Then, we enjoyed reading the first chapter (we each had our own copy, too). Ask your child if they can summarise what happened in one sentence, 10 words, five words then for a challenge one word! After chapter 1, we used what we’d found out to make more informed predictions:

As the story is about a boy whose family go on a round the world yachting trip, in our topic lesson, we revised some of our geography knowledge. This week, we focussed on the countries and capital cities of Europe.

Ask your child to name as many European countries or capital cities as they can. For a challenge, ask them to explain what a bordering country is. Even more difficult, ask them to explain what the term ‘landlocked’ means and give you an example.