Our typical week

Monday 20 November 2017

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we’re always keen to hear your views, and we do act on feedback when we feel we can keep on getting better. Following the annual survey of parents / carers in the Summer Term, for example, we have doubled the length of sessions during the parents’ evenings – this is a direct result of what you told us.

More recently, parents were asked for feedback following our ‘Watch us while we work’ open morning. Those who came spoke with Miss Hague and were asked to fill in feedback forms. Parents said that they were impressed with the teaching and learning they had seen, and suggested that they would benefit from knowing more about the daily life of school so they could have conversations at home about the lessons that have take place on a particular day. We think that’s a great idea. Check out each teacher’s typical timetable for the week.

Please remember that there’s always lots going on in a primary school, so sometimes things change. This week is a themed week all about identity and community, plus there’s a production of Aladdin happening – the timetable will definitely not reflect this particular week!