Parent partnership meeting – Wednesday 18 September

Monday 16 September 2019

A reminder that we have a parent partnership meeting this Wednesday 18 September at 6pm. We value the role you play in your child’s learning journey. The parent partnership meeting will be an opportunity to understand how you can help us build a bigger picture of your child’s learning and development.

We have already had some emails with pictures from parents about their child’s learning at home. For example, one child has been learning to play the keyboard. Another, has been learning to rock climb. Thank you to those parents who have shared their child’s learning – it has been fantastic to hear about! It helps us gain a bigger picture of your child’s interests and development. We allow time for the child to share these pictures with friends and talk about their news. This is a great opportunity for your child to build confidence in front of a class and develop their speaking and listening skills. If you would like to email any news about your child’s learning please do so to .