Phonics -Pp

Saturday 02 February 2019

Over the last few weeks, we have introduced children to some letter sounds. So far, we have learnt   Ss   Aa   Tt  and we’ll learn Pp this week.

We talk to children about the letter names and the sounds that they make. We always use the pure sound, such as ‘sssssss’ rather than ‘suh’ and ‘mmmmmm’ not ‘muh’.   If you’re unsure, watch this link of our F2 teachers producing the pure sounds.

We use the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to help us learn each sound.  Here’s a video of the songs for the first set of sounds that we will learn.  We continue to focus on the sound of the letters at the start of  words and are playing lots of games including eye spy. We use objects that begin with the letters that we have learnt so far, like in this video game.  You could play your own game using objects that you find at home.