Wednesday 27 February 2019

Children are really enjoying their mini phonics sessions and are doing really well with learning the letters sounds so far.

At the moment, we are working really hard to hear the initial sound in words. We’ve been sorting objects by their first sounds and playing lots of games e.g. matching objects with the same initial sounds and  eye-spy.  If you want to play a game at home to practise these skills, you could try this game or this one. We like to play games using real objects the most – children love a traditional game of eye spy! You could easily play it on your walk to Nursery.

Over the next few weeks, some children will be introduced to ‘robot talking’. This is when we segment words into sounds and learn how to blend them together again. Segmenting and blending orally is a key skill for children to acquire before they begin the more formal teaching of phonics in Foundation 2.  We practise segmenting and blending sounds that we can hear in words, we don’t expect children to recognise or write the letters at this point in Foundation 1. This skill is quite tricky and can take children some time to grasp; it will continue to be taught throughout the Foundation Stage.

To segment (robot talk)  ‘bus’, we would say ‘b – u – s’ . We always use pure sounds and try to avoid putting ‘uh’ on the end of a sound. E.g. ‘ssss’ not ‘suh’.    Here’s an example of oral segmenting and blending for some farm animals.

Please don’t hesitate to ask Nursery staff for any further information with how to support your child at home.