Positive pupils

Friday 15 March 2019

Our governors play an active role in our school – find out more about the governing body and what they do. One of our governors is responsible for collecting the views of pupils – an important role because we value the views of pupils so much. As well as staff in school, it’s useful for a governor to do this because children sometimes prefer to talk to an ‘outsider’.

Here’s what our governor found following a recent visit where she spoke with a group of pupils:

All of the children said they enjoyed school all of the time.

All children strongly believed all of the teachers helped them to do their best.

All children said that their learning is challenging.

All children enjoy learning and were keen to say their reasons.

All children thought that their teacher listened to what they have to say.

All children knew to speak to an adult if something was worrying them.

Regarding behaviour, all children thought that the behaviour of other children was good. They reported that they weren’t aware of bullying being a problem but knew that if they did become aware of it they would tell an adult or write a message in the Living and Learning boxes in the classrooms.

Regarding staying safe, all the children said they felt safe at school (‘Adults have to wear a lanyard and if it’s red then that person can’t be left on their own with children but if it’s green we know they’re safe. Teachers have a black lanyard.’). When asked what made them feel unsafe, one pupil mentioned the speed of cars outside school; another said, ‘Well, I know I will always be safe at school so not much at school makes me feel unsafe’.

The children were able to talk about lots of ways we promote health, whether physical activity or emotional health.

Finally, all of the children were certain they would recommend the school to someone else.