Precious, pretty plants in pots

Wednesday 11 May 2022

We’ve had many WOW! moments this week with our science topic, Plants.

We’ve watched our wonderful cress seeds germinate in just a few days, while testing which conditions are best for growth. Amazingly, some of the cress seeds have germinated without water – but after careful discussion we came to the conclusion that there must have been some moisture in the soil already allowing them to germinate. We’ve been nurturing with much care.

Now outside the classroom, we have repotted our broad beans now that they have started to grow. We carefully planted our delicate beans into the larger pots as we’ve learned that they space for the root to spread out. These we germinated without soil, just simply tissue paper and water. Hopefully soon, we’ll see a bit more growth in the soil over the next couple of weeks.

Inside the classroom, we have set up another observation experiment which is testing how water travels up the stems of flowering plants. The white flowers are in coloured water (food dye) to show how water is transported up the stem (like a straw). At the time of this photo, nothing had changed… look out for our results. The children made some accurate predictions about what they think the flowers might look like tomorrow.