Reception learning updates and home-learning resources

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Today (Wednesday 20 December), your child will be coming home with their second learning update of the school year.

Alongside this, we are sending a phase 2 GPC (grapheme-phoneme correspondence) mat. On this mat, sounds that your child was not secure on in their most recent phonics assessment will be highlighted. If no sounds are highlighted, your child was secure in recognising all of them.

We have also included a phase 2 tricky word mat, to re-read and re-visit at home.

Some children will have additional resources in their pack. This may include flashcards of words to blend, and/or some pattern flashcards for mathematical subitising. This will link to How can you support your child at home? targets on their learning update sheet.

Please let your class teacher know if you have any questions regarding the learning update or resources sent home.

Finally, your child’s pack will include some very special Christmas crafts that they have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!