School Journalists

Friday 19 April 2024

Hello there!

Today, we will be informing you on the latest news around school.

On the last Tuesday before the holidays, we watched the Y3,4 production. It had a Roman bake-off theme, was funny and was very exciting. There lots of standout performers, including: Lorien, Lani, Theo and Joseph. But, everyone played a very big part and it took a lot of time to master the brilliant play.

We interviewed Lewis in Y3 (a very good joke teller) on this.

How did you feel performing?

I wasn’t too nervous as we did a lot of rehearsing. I felt comfortable telling the jokes on stage as I’ve already performed on the piano.

How did the play go?

Really well. Everyone was part of the play and it went smoothly. Everyone delivered their lines well.

Did you enjoy it?

I love being on stage and it felt even better being one of the main characters and the audience really enjoyed it.

We also interviewed Lani in Y4.

Was the play enjoyable?

Yes, it was really fun and a great experience.

What was your favourite song?

Bake. It was a really catchy tune.

What was it like being on stage?

I enjoyed it a lot but I did feel nervous as well because I had to deliver a lot of important lines.

In other news, starting this week, martial arts classes will be happening every Thursday. We had an assembly last week where some special visitors who are martial arts instructors from British Military Martial Arts came and told us about the new club.

If you’ve read our previous articles, you will already know that we have quite a lot of talent in martial arts around school.

Thank you for reading!