School Journalists: a special interview

Thursday 28 March 2024

Hello there!

Today, we will be talking about Jeevan in Year 5 and his very special talent: Taekwondo.

He is currently the British champion and 3rd in the world for his age. He became the world number 3 in late 2023 and invests a lot of time into it. In the Easter holidays, he will be taking his black belt assessment. This is a very young age to become a black belt. He has also had to write an essay to show why he wants to achieve it and why he is worthy of it (check out the Y5,6 class news post from Mr Lindsay on Friday 22 March to have a read).

We asked him some questions…

Are you nervous about your black belt assessment?

Yes, because there are five grand-masters taking my grading and there is a lot of pressure.

You must spend a lot of time practising your Taekwondo. How long do you spend every week doing it?

I train for two hours with a club  but I do an extra 30 minutes at home each day.

How did you feel and react when you found out you had come 3rd in the world for your age?

Surprised! I never thought I would go that far in the competition.

What is your favourite Taekwondo move?

A 360 back kick. You take your stance, jump and, whilst in the air, you do a 360 and then try to kick to the head!

Do you have your hopes set on a career in Taekwondo?

Yes – I will train a lot and hopefully one day get to the Olympics.

Wow! Thanks, Jeevan.

And, thanks to the readers, too. Have a nice break and we’ll be back after the holidays.