School trip – 2C!

Tuesday 21 November 2023

We had an absolutely fantastic school trip at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield today.  We got there via coach (the children were super excited about this and sang most of the way there).

We started the day looking around the the different galleries in the art museum. We saw lots of different pieces of art and sculptures.

We had some brilliant discussions about the art works including how they changed in appearance as we changed our position in the room. Our discussions included texture (without touching the art) and the patterns we could see.  Next, we  had a go at drawing some of our own art, inspired by the art in the gallery. We used some small objects to help us do this, including shells, pine cones and plastic stencils.

After lunch (which we thoroughly enjoyed) we took part in a workshop.

The workshop included looking at some Barbara Hepworth sculptures and finding inspiration from them. We talked about how Hepworth was inspired by nature to produce her own art. After this, we looked at some of the repeated patterns in nature and produced our own art, using tracing paper and a black frame.

We then took part in a printing workshop where we made some 3D stencils and used them to make some colourful prints on our paper using primary colours.