Science – caring for our planet

Monday 26 February 2024

For the first two weeks of this half term, KS1 are learning about how to care for our planet. We know it is everybody’s responsibility to look after planet Earth. We have a responsibility to look after our local area and we can do that by caring for other people, animals and plants.

During our first session, the children had a look at the ‘wildflower garden’ by our KS1 playground. It was there that we discovered bird feeders, hedgehog and bug houses and recently planted plants and trees by our Year 6 children. We know all of these things help to look after our planets.

‘Trees produce oxygen that we need to breathe.’ (S.C 2c)

‘Hedgehogs can find shelter in the houses.’ (HP 2C)

This week we compared two areas to one another. We decided to look at Scholes village and London. We talked about differences such as population, traffic and transport ect and the effects this may have on these environments. We talked about how we could improve each area to help the wildlife. Here are some examples of the posters we made in class!