Science: You can’t use a floppy fork!

Wednesday 18 January 2023

This half-term in Science, we are looking at materials in KS1. This week, we looked at some objects that could be made using different materials. We studied each object and their properties to work out which material was best for each object and why.

We tested; forks, plates and cups.

Here’s what we found out:


‘The best material for a fork is metal because it is strong.’

‘The worst material for a fork is fabric because it is floppy.’


‘The best plates are ceramic if we are at home because they are hard but plastic in school because they are safer.’


‘Paper is not a sensible material for a cup because it leaks.’

‘Plastic is the best material for a cup because it is strong but will not smash if it is dropped.’

Help at home by looking at objects and what they are made of. What are the properties of the materials used?