Settling in

Friday 15 September 2023

All of the children are now in full-time and are continuing to settle in, get to know each other and learn our daily routines. We’ve had lots of fun exploring our learning this week. Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

















PE; Foot-Tech

The children really enjoyed their first Foot-Tech PE session.

Each Monday and Friday, Reception will take part in a range of fun activities and games. In Early Years, our PE lessons have a key focus on developing the fundamentals of movement and ensuring that children are continuously engaged and active throughout.


We started our Little Wandle phonics lessons this week! The children were introduced to their first four sounds- s,a,t,p 

They have learnt how to identify the sounds by their graphemes and how to form the graphemes in their writing. They have practised identifying initial sounds and blending sounds together to say the whole word.

We have introduced new vocabulary linked to our phonics learning:

Phoneme– The sound a letter (grapheme) makes

Grapheme– The letter that represents the sound

Segmenting- Breaking up a word into its phonemes and sounding aloud (ie. cat becomes c-a-t)

Blending- Blending the phonemes together to read the word. (ie. d-o-g  becomes dog)

Each week we will be sending a ‘learn at home’ sheet, which recaps the phonics learning from the week. Please look at this with your child and complete the activities.


Help at home; Family photos 

Next week, we will be thinking about our families. To help support our discussions, please send in one picture of your family together. We will keep the photograph on display, so please send photos you are happy for us to keep. You can also email photos to the email address below.

Reminders and diary dates 

Welcome to Reception
21.09.23 – 6pm – 6.30pm An invitation to this event was emailed to you back in July but here is a reminder. Come into school to find out some basic “need to knows” about life in Reception.