Settling into Nursery

Friday 16 September 2022

It was lovely to welcome everybody to Nursery for our ‘stay and play’ sessions and we couldn’t believe how much our older children have grown over the holidays!

During our first week, we’ve been busy helping children to settle into their new environment. We’re really lucky to have so much space to play in at Nursery, but it can take children a little bit of time to familiarise themselves with where everything is. We’ve also been working hard to get to know everybody’s names and find out where everyone enjoys playing.

There were lots of happy faces as children waved good-bye to parents and carers for their first session alone at Nursery (with just a few wobbles!).  Try not to worry too much if your child has a little wobble or struggles to say goodbye in the morning. We often find that a  quick hug, a big smile and waving good bye works best and children usually settle very quickly once you’ve gone.  We will always give you a call if your child continues to be upset, so if you don’t hear from us, you can presume that your child is happy and busy playing! 

As you can see in the photographs, children are already very busy and engrossed in play!

We’ll continue the really important process of helping children to ‘settle in’ over the next few weeks so that everyone feels safe, secure and happy in Nursery. Please speak to a member of the Nursery team if you have any questions.