Friday 10 March 2023

Children had great fun in the garden exploring the snow on Thursday. They tried to catch the snowflakes on their tongues and enjoyed making snowballs. We talked about the changes in weather and what would happen to the snow if the sun came out.

Before we went outside, we talked about what we needed to wear. We put an extra set of layers on to make sure that we stayed warm and dry. Children also wore hats and gloves. Can your child put on their own coat, hat and gloves?  We’re always looking for ways to help children become more independent; this is a great place to start and something that you can easily help with at home. Try getting ready a few minutes earlier. Depending on what your child can already do, try challenging them to do the next thing independently. If they can put their coat on, can they put on their own mittens, or even trickier, some gloves?