Super scientists – dissolving

Tuesday 08 October 2019

This morning, we’re being scientists and carrying out an investigation. We’re all learning about dissolving.

The year 5s are finding out whether a range of substances (gravy, salt, sugar, coffee, tea and rice) dissolve in cold water whilst our year 6s have designed their own experiment using the same equipment. One group is investigating what effect the temperature of the water has on wether a substance dissolves, one group is investigating the effect of stirring and another group is seeing if coffee will stop dissolving when you put more in.

As we experimented, we recorded our results and used scientific vocabulary to explain what we were observing. Specifically, we used the words solute (a substance that dissolves), solvent (the liquid that a solute dissolves in) and a solution (the mixture of a solid and a liquid). Ask you child what they investigated, what they found out, and what each of the three previously mentioned words mean.