Friday 26 January 2024

This week began with a vegetable based mystery!

Who had captured the vegetables and why were they trapped? 

It could only be one thing… EVIL PEA.

After reading the story Supertato, we read true and false statements to show our knowledge and understanding of the story.

The children enjoyed creating their own.

Can they tell you which ones are true or false?

Evil Pea drew on broccoli’s face. Libby

Supertato trapped Evil Pea in ice. Austin

Evil Pea wrapped cucumber in toilet paper. Isobel

Supertato nearly got squashed by Evil Pea. Florence


This week, we explored the composition of five in different ways. Using the song Five Little Speckled Frogs, we were able to develop our understanding of one less as well as explore the number bonds of five.


We played a game by throwing beanbags in a hoop and creating number statements to say how many were in or out of the hoop.


Four in the hoop and one out of the hoop.

4 and 1 make 5


Poetry Picnic

Our sessions this week have been a little different as we learnt and recited a traditional nursery rhyme.

The children used gestures and expression to recite Jack and Jill.

Watch it here!


Spring 1 week 2  has focused on the digraphs ur, ow, oi, ear. 

We’ve learnt the tricky words; my, by, all. 

Tricky words are words that should be read by sight.

Each week, we’d like to give you an idea of a game you could play at home to make reading even more exciting.

This week’s game is: Tricky Word Splat

Focus Artist: Yayoi Kusama

Over the next two weeks, we will be exploring the art of Yayoi Kusama. This week, we have been colour mixing and drawing different sized dots onto pumpkin pictures.

We visited a special one day only Scholes Art Galley and used sentence stems to talk about our opinions.

I like it because..

I don’t like it because…

I like it because it’s colourful. Kitson

I don’t like it because of the spikes. Sofia

I like it because of the flowers. F

I like the explosion of poppies everywhere. Myla


The children had an opportunity to observe before drawing their favourite piece of art.




Cancelled swim session

There will be no swimming (for Rainbow Class) on Wednesday 31.01.24.