Friday 19 May 2023

Have you seen the tadpoles in Nursery? Children are fascinated watching them wriggle and swim around the tank. We’ve been learning about the life cycle of a frog and know that the next stage in the cycle is for the tadpoles to grow back legs. We keep looking at them closely to check for signs of legs.

In maths, we’ve been singing ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs‘ and have been carefully counting how many frogs are left on the log after each verse.

How many frogs jumped into the pond?

How many are on the log?

If there are 3 frogs on the log, how many are there in the pond?

In the sensory area, children loved playing in the ‘frogspawn’ (or  tapioca)! It was very gloopy and had lots of tiny little jelly balls that were very tricky to hold between your fingers.

We looked at pictures of frogspawn and had a go at printing using bubble wrap. It looked just like the balls of jelly in frogspawn! In the fiddly fingers area, we used used our pincer grip to pick up the marbles and balance them on the suction pads.

Outside, children have enjoyed playing with some bats and balls. We used the bats to knock the balls of the cones and had great fun running to pick them all up again.  We also practised our throwing skills; we aimed the balls at the 5 speckled frogs on the log and tried to knock them off. When we’d had our turn, we collected the frogs that we had knocked off and put them into a five frame to see how many there were.