Our take on Britain through history

Wednesday 03 October 2018

Following the morning production by Hobgoblin about Britain through the Ages, it was our turn to perform in our afternoon drama workshop.

First of all, we needed to flex our acting muscles.  Here are some of our super stretches:


We then took on the role of artists, moulding our clay partners into statues of historical figures, creating striking body language and facial expressions.

These freeze frames show some of our statues representing victims of the Black Plague. Absolutely disgusting- we love it!

Check out our fierce soldiers. See if you can  spot our very own Robin Hood too.

We were also in the presence of royalty…

The attitude of everyone was superb and enthusiasm was evident throughout. We clearly have a number of acting stars among us!

Here are some of the other photos taken across the afternoon including some slaving children and sooty chimney sweeps.