Talk to a scientist

Friday 09 December 2022

Today, we engaged in a wonderful Zoom talk with ecologist Tim Body.

Tim talked about his job and then had time for any questions from children. It was really interesting and pulled together learning from the previous unit on classifying animals with the current sound unit:
I’m an ecologist with a background in wildlife surveying as a consultant. My current job is Nature Conservation Officer for Cheshire East Council.  I figured I could talk primarily about bats, how they use echolocation and how we use bat detectors to find them and identify their species and behaviour. Then I can also talk about the sounds other animals do or don’t make which help us figure out what and where they are. 

The children were really fascinated about bats so we researched their sounds and species here. Why not listen and read with your child?


Later in the afternoon, we also had a chance to join with  STEM science to learn about Symmetry in Snowflakes. Watch this space to see our learning …