Thank you and welcome back!

Saturday 16 November 2019

As some of our older children will remember, Miss Morris left us a while ago to go on her maternity leave. Time has flown by, and it is nearly time for her to return. We’re looking forward to seeing her in Nursery again and she will become the Key Person for the new children that will join us in January. Welcome back, Miss Morris.

During her absence, we’ve been really lucky to have Miss McKechnie with us in Nursery; she’s been a great member of our team. We’re sad to say that this week will be Miss McKechnie’s last week with us in Nursery, but don’t worry, she’s not going too far! We’re pleased to say that she’s moving into KS1 and so we’ll be able to see her in school. We’d like to thank Miss McKechnie for all of her hard work. We know she’ll enjoy helping children to learn and have fun in ‘big school’.