The Night Box

Friday 26 November 2021

This week we have continued to explore light and dark, by learning about animals that are more active at night.

The children loved learning new vocabulary – nocturnal and diurnal.

We have read the story – The Night Box.

These were some of our predications based on the front cover.

I think the boy will go into the box into the realm of night. Stanley

I think the boy will jump in the treasure chest. Leo

In the areas, we have explored nocturnal animals.

In maths we have deepened our knowledge and understanding of the number five.

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Tuesday 30 November- Toys from the past day…

On Tuesday 30 November, Reception Classes will take part in a virtual workshop with Abbey House Museum on Christmas Toys and Games. We will be comparing toys and games from the past, with those we enjoy now. 

On this day, children are welcome to bring in a toy from home that does not require any electricity or batteries. Please ensure the toy has your child’s name clearly labelled, so that they can be safely returned at the end of the day.

Thank you.