The Seaside

Friday 16 June 2023

This week, we have explored differences and similarities between cities and the seaside.


In our writing, we reflected on our own experiences of visiting a seaside.


We have focused on deepening our understanding of numbers to 10, including the composition of each number.


This week, we have continued to  focus on phase 4 words with long vowel sounds.

In provision, we’ve been reading words and matching them to the correct picture.

Poetry Picnic

Each week we will be learning a new poem. We will recite this poem each day. By saying the poem out loud, we can focus on the sounds and rhythm of each word or line. We talk to the children about how this can help us become better readers. This week’s poem is called I Have a Little Frog.


Watch the poem here!

Art; Observational drawing and Artist focus

We followed an art tutorial to support us to draw a crab.

We also continued our project based on our focus artist; Alexander Calder. We’ve been cutting shapes from card, which will be used over the next few weeks to make mobile sculptures based on Calder’s work.


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 Reminders and Dates


Rainbow-  21 June, 5 July, 19 July

Sunshine-  28 June, 12 July