This week’s message (Friday 27 May 2022)

Friday 27 May 2022

The last message for this half-term comes from Miss Hague, our Head of School. There’s also a reminder about our annual survey of parents and carers.

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of May and about to enter the last half term of the year!  We’ve managed a full year in school (so far) – the first since 2018-19!

I know everyone has worked really hard since Easter especially our Y6 and Y2 children who have completed their end of key stage SAT tests. Well done to everyone. The last half term is a busy one, too, with Year 1 phonics assessments and Year 4 multiplication checks. We’ll also be giving the children the chance to meet their new teacher and you’ll get to read their end of term reports.

Have you seen our new little traffic wardens? Hopefully you’ll have spotted them at the end of Morwick Grove, on the zig zag lines. We’ve had a couple of near misses on this corner as children struggle to cross the road and navigate illegally parked cars. Parking continues to be an issue around school but hopefully our traffic wardens will persuade some drivers to park further away and walk to school.

We’ve got lots of exciting work going on over the summer. The space in school which is used by the Out of School Club is having a full makeover and  will be renamed The Hub. The Hub will still be equipped to cater for out of school provision but will also be a space that we can use to take groups of children to undertake more practical activities like cooking. It’s all very exciting!  We’re also aiming to make our main entrance to school much wider – you’ll know how much of a bottle neck it can be.

What a difference a phone makes! Last week our Year 6 children went on residential to Winmarleigh Hall PGL Centre in Preston.  Five action-packed days all undertaken without a phone in sight! Whilst chatting to some of the children on the way back from residential, they acknowledged that if they’d brought their phones, they wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience half as much.  They admitted they would have traded time outside playing hide and seek for hours of YouTube viewing.

Our child behaved really well on residential – the whole group did. They represented themselves really well. They were sociable with each other and with children from other schools. They were enthusiastic and respectful to the adults running the centre. We were very proud of them.

We recognise how difficult it can be to police phone usage especially if ‘everyone else has one and is allowed to go on [whatever app is most current]’ but we saw children without their phones and it felt nice. Why not give it a go during the half term and have some phone-free days!

Did you hear our Jubilee celebrations this afternoon? (Apologies to our neighbours!) An outdoor picnic and a great afternoon dancing to seven decades’ worth of tunes. If you’re doing anything to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, enjoy yourselves.

And here’s a reminder about the annual survey…

Your views matter. Every year, we invite you to complete a short survey. Complete the Scholes (Elmet) Primary survey here. It’ll only take a few minutes to complete – thanks!

Whatever you and your child get up to, have a happy and healthy half-term holiday.