This week’s message part 2 (Friday 22 July 2022)

Friday 22 July 2022

The bulk of our last message of the school year comes from Miss Hague. Before that, we’ve an updated uniform policy. Also, we’ve been asked by Leeds City Council to provide you with some important information…


Most parents and carers stock up on fresh uniform over the summer holiday, so we want to let you know about our updated policy now.

This year, we’ve been trialling something we introduced in Covid times: wearing PE kit on PE days. Overall, we like this: it increases time for PE (no changing into kit) and there’s less lost property. However, we’ve seen some deviation from our uniform policy on PE days with lots of branded tops and shorts sneaking in. Take a look at our helpful guide for what is acceptable and what isn’t. We hope you’ll agree that the changes should actually save you money and be much more convenient for you.


This letter is to help raise your awareness of the dangers of radicalisation and to let you know where to get more information, advice and support if you do have any concerns. This leaflet provides a summary about the Prevent programme and how, through the ACT Early website and Support Line, those who are vulnerable to radicalisation can get the help they may need.

And now over to Miss Hague…

After navigating our way through a global pandemic, the weather threw another challenge our way this week! Not that you’d know it as I sit writing this (grey, rainy and very British looking weather outside), but this week saw some of the hottest temperatures both outside and in school!

Our children were as resilient as ever but even they were beginning to ‘fade’ by lunchtime on Tuesday. Many thanks for working with us to keep everyone happy and healthy in extreme conditions.

This year seems to have gone by in a flash. It’s felt a bit more ‘normal’ with many Covid restrictions lifting at various times. Easter was a highlight as we invited our first group of parents (Y3,4) back into school in almost two years. Since then, we’ve had parents meetings for our new starters, a Year
5,6 production and an end of year disco! We’re starting to populate our school calendar lots of opportunities for you to come into school and get involved.

The end of a school year inevitably brings with it some ‘goodbyes’. Today, we say goodbye to our amazing Year 6 children – they are more than ready to start their journey at high school. We send them off with our very best wishes.

This year sees a fairly large movement in staff, too. We say goodbye to…

We wish all of our amazing staff well as they move on from Scholes. We’ll miss them all!

With departures come arrivals. We say hello to:

Lots of work is going on over the summer! You’ll definitely spot one change as we’re having the entrance/exit to school made wider. Hopefully, that will avoid the bottle-neck we often experience. We’re also having the room used for out of school provision refurbished. This area will be called The Hub and will have a fully-equipped kitchen for children to participate in more cooking activities.

We’re also having our Key Stage 1 playground extended to give our children more space to safely play. The garden area will be re-located so we’ll still be able to grow some veggies!

Have a fabulous summer – stay happy and healthy and remember to enter our summer competition. We’ll see you back in school on Tuesday 05 September.