Time to talk

Monday 12 November 2018

We love hearing about what your child has been up to at the weekend during our time to talk sessions. It’s a great chance for your child to build their self-confidence by speaking in front of their peers. It’s also a valuable time to develop their communication and language skills.

If your child brings a time to talk sheet (which you can get from the parent partnership board in the classroom) on a Monday, they’ll be able to share their Monday news with their key worker group. You can also email pictures to support your child to remember what they did at the weekend.

As well as sharing time to talk sheets from home, your child gets the chance to draw a picture, label it (initial sound/word) or write a caption/sentence about their weekend. This is an opportunity for your child to write about something that is meaningful to them.

In this example the child has labelled her picture with the word red.

When teaching the children to write a sentence we get them to think it, say  it, count it, write it and check it.

In this example the child has attempted to write a sentence – I went to a party.  

If your child makes you go Wow  at home it would be fantastic if you could share these with us at school, too. (Wow sheets are also found on the parent partnership board.)