Today in school …

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Today we did a ‘Lockdown’ drill.

At 10.50 this morning, all children were instructed to quickly leave the playground and go back to their classroom.  (Mr Lindsay’s class used the zone and Mrs Hogarth’s class used the library).

Once in the classroom, children were asked to sit away from windows and doors, pull the blinds down, turn the lights off and sit in silence for two minutes.  After this time, the teacher let the children know the drill was over.

You’ll be pleased to know this went well.

Running through this type of thing is like a fire drill: you hope you’ll never need it, but it’s reassuring to know that plans and procedures work.

To reassure all the children, we spent time talking to the children before and after the drill to ensure everyone was feeling comfortable and explained the need to practise in an age appropriate, non-scary way.

Any comments, questions or concerns, please catch me at the gate.