A trip back to ancient Egypt

Thursday 14 June 2018

Today was an exciting journey to a time when pharaohs ruled over Egypt. Who better to lead our 3/4 team on this exploration than a real Egyptologist, Mr Egypt himself?

Starting at 3100BC, we were given the low down on this fascinating civilisation. Across the day, we covered a whole host of features associated with the lives of ancient Egyptians. The day started in the hall where we began to understand the context of these people by delving into the history and geography of the nation.

Back in the classroom, we became scribes, deciphering messages written in hieroglyphics and writing our own names using these intricate symbols. Not only that, we had some marvelous maths that involved using the number system adopted in ancient Egypt to solve tricky calculations.

Our afternoon began with examining real artifacts, dating back 5000 years, whilst we heard intriguing tales of  ancient Egyptians, some famous and wealthy and some typically not so.  The day was rounded off with our very own mummy-making contest. AS you can see, we quickly got the hang of it!