Walking through the jungle

Friday 05 May 2023

This week we’ve gone WILD exploring animals! We’ve been constructing animal habitats, making animal artwork and sorting images of deserts and rainforests.

Walking through the jungle

We’ve been reading Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome.

This repeating story was great for retelling from start to finish, as we recalled the ‘action words’ used throughout the story: walking, running, leaping, swinging, creeping and wading.

In our writing, we’ve been re-writing parts of the story in our own words.

Design and Technology; using a tool

Last week, we shared pictures of our ‘bug hotel’ project. This week, we’ve been adding to our construction by filling the structure with lots of hiding places for our minibeast friends. We looked closely at designs of existing minibeast homes and noticed that we needed to add holes to our pieces of wood. We’ve been carefully using the hand drills to create holes, holding the tool firmly in place and using our strength to wind the handle.

Maths; composing 5

In Maths, we’ve been composing 5 and using the song ‘5 little monkeys’ to explore the parts that make the whole number.

We’ve been using full sentences to explain what we can see on our fingers, as we move through the song:

“There are three monkeys on the bed, there are two monkeys that have bumped their head, there are five monkeys altogether”

We’ve represented our parts on a Hungarian frame (or  ‘die frame’):

Help at home- Use 5 toys or teddies at home, to sing and act out your own version of ‘5 little monkeys’ (ie. ‘5 little teddies jumping on the bed…’) Pause after each object is removed (fallen off the bed) and encourage your child to describe the parts of 5 they see, using the full sentences described above.

Market stall maths!

Over the past two weeks, Rainbow and Sunshine class have enjoyed ‘paying’ for snack at the ‘market’ The children had to choose the correct coin (1p or 2p) depending on whether they wanted snack or snack and milk. The shop keeper had to collect the coins and give change if needed and then we counted the coins together- we even did a fantastic job of counting in 2’s, adding the 2p coins first! We recorded how much the market stall had taken each day.


Summer 1 week 3 has focused on phase 4 words with short vowels and longer words. We’ve learnt the tricky words; were, here, little, says

In provision, we’ve been playing the game ‘Please Mr. Crocodile’ to revisit the phase 4 tricky words that we’ve learnt so far.

Help at home- Please continue to work through the weekly learn at home phonics sheets. We’ll continue to send these home each Friday.

Poetry Picnic

One week in every half term, we focus on a traditional nursery rhyme. This week we’ve been reciting Sing a song of sixpence

More pictures of our learning this week…

Reminders and Dates

Monday 8 May- Bank Holiday for The Coronation of King Charles III

Monday 15 May- School Closed: Training Day

Friday 19 May – Mini Bug Ball: Please don’t go to the expense of buying anything new – creative adaptations of something you’ve already got will be fantastic.  Outfits need to be suitable for school, safe and warm enough to be worn all day.


Rainbow Class-  17 May

Sunshine Class- 10 May, 24 May